Saturday, February 9, 2013

On the Hunt and Thoughts of Gramps Jones

I'm on the hunt for a DIY way of displaying/storing my earrings and necklaces in the bathroom. I'm thinking cute wall knobs/sconces on which I can hang necklaces. I'm thinking a picture frame with wire or yarn to display earrings.
I'm on the hunt.
Luckily, I have a Christmas $50 gift card to Michael's, a gift of Justin and Miriam.
Oh. Yeah.
I have picture frames...I have paint. Hmmmm.

The new place is Turning out to be really nice ;-)

I promise I will finish posting my N'Orleans adventures/moving adventures/new apartment adventures.

On another note, this past Saturday, Groundhog's Day, February 2, 2013, we lost my dad's dad to cancer, which we found out about the day or two before he passed away. He was just eaten up with it. It sounds so very painful.

It was a real shock, but in retrospect, he'd been in pain for almost the whole year. Stubbornness kept him from doctors, pain kept him in silent agony, and family was there for everyone. I think he would've wanted it that way-the last part.

I'm glad that my dad was able to go up and see him before he left this life. I'm glad my dad got to do some reconnecting with his siblings. I'm glad I got to explain my love for him by telephone into his ear while in the hospital (my dad said he nodded in recognition of my voice).

The last time I saw him was July 2008, and he was the same ole Gramps. I'm kind of glad that I didn't have to see him so feeble and skinny. I know that is selfish.

I can't imagine my gramps going through cancer treatment anyway. He would've cursed every part of that process with the foulest of mouths, which is kind of a funny image ;-)
Oh Gramps.

A part of me feels like maybe he didn't want to go to the doctor because maybe he knew that he was "that" sick, and it would be a long hard battle for him to get better, if he were able to.

My dad and I were discussing how strong he must've been to go through such pain for months and months. I often have back pain (mostly from being overweight and not exercising-of which I plan on correcting now that I live on the river with a number of trails and opportunities to get off my butt), but I can not imagine having back pain that doubles me over and refusing to go see the doctor.
He must've been very strong.

I just wish in some ways that we may have found out sooner.
I'm always going to wonder why he didn't seek help, and if he knew.
I'm always going to wonder if his early stages of Alzheimer's was actually Alzheimer's, since his kidneys and liver were failing him, his blood was clotting, and he was plagued with widespread cancer. These are all common misconceptions that are overlooked when diagnosing Alzheimer's. Maybe that was what caused the forgetfulness.
I hope so.
Lord knows, he's the first in our family to have Alzheimer's (if he had it).
I pray I never get it, and that is does not run in our family.

All in all, I pray the Lord's open arms for my Gramp's Hereafter.
I'm glad he's not suffering anymore.
I'm glad all his organs are brand new, and that he is experiencing a joy we've never known.

He and Anne have got to be having a grand ole time up there ;-)

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