Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bathroom Shelves Up!

I am very happy about this. The dark gray matches the bathroom rugs perfectly ;-) 


BBean, Ross, and I are trying to exercise more. Well, mostly Ross and I.

Here are some random cat photos (I'm turning into "that lady" I fear lol!):

Billy Bean effectively tore up his squeaky mouse toy, ripping the raffia to shreds, so I braided together several lines of fishing wire, sewed it through the mouse, and voila, better than new! It hasn't torn up or shifted all week! Ross thinks I should market it, as he often tells me when I get a crafty idea ;-) 
Kitty loves this toy; Ross gets annoyed by the sound as I'm playing with the cat. Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! 

The next photo is just cute! Ross was like, "Go get in the picture Billy Bean!" And he did! I held my hand up, and Billy Bean just posed for the camera ;-) 

Ross surprised me with all this stuff: A big exercise ball, pilates tension bar with bands, a yoga mat, yoga grip gloves, and an ab roller! 

I've been  doing the pilates workouts and yoga stretches and holds every night for the past three nights, and it leaves me sore, which definitely means that I am out of shape...but something is working ;-) 
The ab roller is KILLER! I can only do it on my knees, and for now only like 15-20 times. It's really seeming to work on my upper back/shoulders.

The most hurt at the moment is my neck, and my front shoulder/upper arm areas, along with my lower thighs, right around my knees. 

Ross had picked golf back up. He's gone to the range already a few times this week...he has a golf course seemingly in his back yard: Rebsamen. Sweet ;-) 
He, of course, has also turned our living room into his golf practice room, which is cumbersome at times, but it's what he enjoys. It's also what Billy Bean enjoys, as he chases the balls around like he owns them and they are his toys!

I'm now gearing up for Ross and Thomas's 30th birthday, this Thursday. How time flies! 

That's all for now, later friends! 


Oh MY GOSH. Saturday night Ross and I were outside on the porch, watching the storm roll in, and I noticed that there were SPIDERS EVERYWHERE!! They had fiddlebacks too! I was freaking out, thinking we were surrounded by tons of poisonous spiders!

Ross tried to reassure me that they were not fiddlebacks. He googled it, and I then he made me google it (cuz I'm a better googler than him...always have been lol!).

I think I found the answer. They are furrow orbweavers.

Here is Ross's photo:

Here is he internet photo: 

Ha, glad we are okay, but it sure did scare me! 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Gorgeous Views and "Heartface"

Sunset where we live...it's GORGEOUS on the river bluffs!

Here are some new photos of Billy Bean AKA "Heartface":

He fell asleep on my arm last night, so cute!

He likes it when you turn on the faucet; he also likes to have ice cubes in his water.

Obsessed with playing with yarn!

Sleepy baby sugar pie sugar.

Nice profile!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Meet Billy Bean! Our New Cat!

Ross and I went to Petsmart today, and we got a little bundle of joy, Billy Dean...but we're gonna call him Billy Bean ;-)

He is 3 years old, he was found out in Bryant, and he has a little heart on his face.

He's a feisty little thing too! He'll follow you around the house, and he likes to hide under the bed, and then he'll jump out at your legs. He doesn't seem aggressive at all, just playful in a rough way at times. He'll bite at your hands, and attack your legs/hand/arms when you least expect it, but he's very sweet.

So far, he's loved looking out the patio window at the birds in the trees since they are eye level to him. He loves my balls of yarn. He also likes to bother Ross while he putts in the living room. He'll chase after all the little golf balls. It's funny lol!

He's my first cat ever, and he has a heart on his face.

Currently, he is sitting by my side purring ;-)