Sunday, March 3, 2013

Meet Billy Bean! Our New Cat!

Ross and I went to Petsmart today, and we got a little bundle of joy, Billy Dean...but we're gonna call him Billy Bean ;-)

He is 3 years old, he was found out in Bryant, and he has a little heart on his face.

He's a feisty little thing too! He'll follow you around the house, and he likes to hide under the bed, and then he'll jump out at your legs. He doesn't seem aggressive at all, just playful in a rough way at times. He'll bite at your hands, and attack your legs/hand/arms when you least expect it, but he's very sweet.

So far, he's loved looking out the patio window at the birds in the trees since they are eye level to him. He loves my balls of yarn. He also likes to bother Ross while he putts in the living room. He'll chase after all the little golf balls. It's funny lol!

He's my first cat ever, and he has a heart on his face.

Currently, he is sitting by my side purring ;-) 

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