Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Absence. Ancients.

When you let almost a month pass on your blog, it's almost the death of it.
I'm alive and kicking.
Let me prove it.
This post will be dedicated to The Ancients and teaching about them.
I am so getting a kick out of teaching my students about Greek/Roman Mythology, mostly for the "sick" factor. It's a gross topic at times, and my kids get grossed out.
I love every minute of it. I'm so glad that I can get away with teaching this stuff!
Call me morbid.
#1: Mother Zeus: Dionysus, born of Zeus's thigh/testicles.
#2 Uncle Incest: Uncle Hades kidnaps niece, Persephone, and makes her his queen. Ugh.

#3: Cronus's Bits Grow "Love": Cronus is cut up by Zeus, thrown in the sea, out comes Aphrodite, Cronus's granddaughter (and daughter??)...

#4: Hungry Dad: Cronus, hungry and fearful father, eats his children in front of their mother, Rhea. Later, he vomits them out. 

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