Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Spring Break

I made Faith a crochet hook/needle/scissors holder.

Wye Mountain with friends. This is "the mom" shot.
Jeff, Bethany, Faith, Thomass

Faith's "Beatnik-Croquet-Poetry Slam-Shepherd's Pie" B-Day party!

Jen had her baby!! I met Evelyn at Faith's B-Day Party. Caught Jen being a mommy. Beautiful.

Mom and I went to Memphis, toured Graceland.

Future ceiling? Eh...maybe if I didn't have allergies ;-)

Our awesome steal--a 4.5 Star Westin Hotel!

Blues City Cafe and my beautiful mother.

Memphis Zoo, my first Panda!! SO CUTE!!

Ever been here? Go there soon and eat their ribs!!

I got to hold baby Evelyn for an entire hour!! 

Faith's "real" b-day party. Thomass, Faith, Jeff.

Lemon poundcake.

French Onion Tart

I made decorations!! Faith made her outfit!! 

Silly ladies ;-)

I went all out!

This Spring Break I burnt myself with the curling iron, which bounced twice on my arm. I later conceived a lie and told my brother that someone stabbed me at Juanitas, and I had to go get a tetnis shot. No stitches. He went along with it for a little while until Mom spoiled the fun. 

The prodigal son returned with Lance. 4 months. 35 pounds of awkward teenage clumsiness. He's so beautiful! 

I later wrastled him with my thighs just so I could get him still enough to kiss his head. Crazy dog. He's strong! Just think. He's gonna be 3 times this size. DANG!!

3 generations.

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  1. Wow, this was action-packed. Glad Evelyn made it in here 3 times! So famous.