Thursday, March 10, 2011

Conjunction Junction, What's Your Function?

Check out the assignment I gave my 7th grade Pre-AP class today ;-)
I definitely blew their minds with my example ;-)

"In a single sentence (well, it'll turn into a paragraph!) write at least 3 independent phrases with at least 3 conjunctive dependent clauses attached to them. Hint: your sentence should be just like the two examples that I gave on the board. 
Remember, here is one of the examples: 

'My robotic arm continued to make connections to my human nerve endings; even though, it was unconnected, and the battery was dead, thus this freaked me out so much that I raised my hand in class (my real hand), yet the teacher didn't call on me when I waved my hand in the air; I suffered silently, and I started to cry because my robot arm started flipping me the bird; this rude gesture was all it took for me to run out of the classroom screaming with my possessed robotic arm still attached.'

(There are 3 independent phrases here and 7 conjunctive, dependent clauses! Luckily, you only have to have 3 of each!)"

Ha, we'll see what happens tomorrow!

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