Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ancestry continued from the summer...

On Thursday, I found this CRAZY website with details on who is related to Charlemagne.
I found out the webmaster, the creator of this website and decided that I would write to him.

Dear Mr. Humphrys,

My name is Jessica Jones, 29. I live in Little Rock, AR.
I am guessing that you live in Ireland.

I've been out of school since 2008, (an English and French major), and I've always wondered about my English/French roots...especially French. My mom's dad always told me that I had a lot of French in my bloodline, but his family didn't know how.

This summer, I did tons of research on my tree, and realized I was related to "THE" French - Clovis I, Charlemagne, Hugh Capet...etc.
I was so excited!

Today, I stumbled upon your website ( after googling "Descendents of Charlemagne", and I learned about many famous people I am related to (according to your website), which was highly entertaining. (Brad Pitt and Angelina are somehow distantly related, and they are engaged to be married lol!)

My first question is this: Are all of the American Presidents related? And why does that seem conspiracy-theory-weird to me? I mean how can I literally be distantly related via this website to all of these presidents and presidential candidates!?

It wasn't until I stumbled upon John Mercer Langston, a freed abolitionist, that I realized that I might have black ancestry in my family...for I am as white as white could be/real pale.

Then, I saw Obama on there! CRAZY!!

Anyway, my question is this: Where might you even suggest that I start researching to see what blacks I am related to? I am quite intrigued right now!! I'm also wondering how I might find out if I'm just related to some blacks by marriage since, like I said, you can't see a trace of black in me.

Help me if possible please.

Your distant relative?
Jessica Jones

No response yet. But seriously, this website is nuts.

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