Thursday, January 3, 2013

Baby Blanket #1

Everybody is having babies.

I'm making blankets. I just want to.

I went to Michael's the other day and ALL of their yarn was on sale, which of course made for a happy Jessica! I bought to huge sackfuls.
Ross wants his own blanket, and I just wanna crochet, so I figure I'll make his, and I'll make baby blankets.
I guess it's good to just have them "on stock"-you know, *in case*.

This is a picture of the latest, a little girl blanket. I used basketweave stitch!!! I had to watch a YouTube video on how to make the stitch, and it was actually successful!
It's not the first article I made with this stitch-I made the best friend, Thomass, a bright, royal blue, basketweave scarf for Christmas.

Upon finishing this blanket though, I think I should have alternated the fuchsia and the striped yarn. I just might do that-do a little color mending.
On verra.

Next - How-to Make Socks.
I started last night, got really frustrated with myself because I can't read the patterns. Ever since I was 9 years old, after my Grams taught me with simply a hook and yarn, I haven't seemed to be able to sit down and read stitches. It's like reading Math or something. And I hate reading Math. Le Math n'est pas ma langue.


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