Sunday, January 6, 2013

Unexpected Inspiration

Friday and Saturday were busy days!



Talked to the terrible, mean, screw-you-over landlord. Trying to get out of my beautifully architected, yet terribly decaying, black mold rotting apartment. I think it's going to be possible.


Ross and I have found a place: 3rd floor view of the river bluffs. River walk :

I think we'll get a puppy, and then I can walk him along the river or to the dam. I'll get off my tush ;)

Also, you can literally walk a feet yards and fish right there off the bank!! Cool! I'd probably enjoy doing that more than Ross lol!


Went to The Green Corner Store, picked up a check, and dropped off some more cards! It's not lucrative, but it makes me feel good ;-)



Justin and Miriam were in town; we enjoyed going to the Apple store (my mom just thought the way that you paid was delightful!) and eating at PF Changs. I got a very lucky fortune cookie note;-)


I attended a funeral for a friend's dad. Never met the man or his wife in my life. I'm so glad that I got to meet them. I walked out of there so heart-warmed and a little overwhelmed.
Here's why...heart-warmed because that funeral was the most beautiful and thoughtful funeral I've ever been too. Most crowded too. It really didn't surprise me on how thoughtful and tender it would be, given that my friend, Jessi, is the type who enjoys little things in life like myself, and will tear up at any given moment when something touches her. Where else would she have gotten this characteristic other than her dad, who I learned had the same sentiment. He seemed like a very sweet, jolly man.
From the start of the service, I teared up and didn't stop until after. The first man to speak made me verbally say: "Oh God" after he said that Jessi's dad proposed to his wife on New Year's Eve, and every year since he's asked her to marry him on New Year's Eve. He passed away on New Year's Eve.
Every part of me couldn't hide what I was feeling. Immediately, I thought of this sweet man on his deathbed, coherent, (though I don't know if he was), asking his wife one last time if she'd marry him.
It's is beyond the sweet of everyday life to me, and it is this little fact and daydream that will last with me. It's just so tender.

Her day's brother got up there and spoke of two heroes in his life when he was a boy growing up in cowboy country, Oklahoma: a tall black athlete and his brother. Then he said that he learned what true love was when Jessi was born because he could see it on his brother's face. He also ended with jokes and memories and a detail about how oftentimes, our heroes fail us in life, and his brother never did. It was so sweet.

The end was a recording of his voice. I've never seen that at a funeral. It made me recall the voicemails of my Papa after he passed, listening to him again and crying. Although, I never knew this man, I had a lot of empathy for those around me who were hearing his voice for the "last" time. I can still imagine my Papa's voice and his mother's voice-my great-grandma. It's sad that I can't remember my Nana's voice (my Papa's wife who died at 59).

I'm very glad that I attended this funeral. It is something I'll never forget.


The overwhelming part...I saw an ex-friend I didn't want to see at the funeral. It was awful seeing her. But, I survived.
She is pregnant.
Everyone is pregnant!


Ugh. Tomorrow I go back to school. Not looking forward to that.


Today, I will be packing up books, DVD's, board games, and craft supplies.


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