Monday, January 24, 2011

Forced Appeal?

My Papa would want me to be happy.
So today I woke up, thought to myself, I am gonna put on a headband, some hazel eye-hightening eye liner, and a hand-made button brooch.
And I did.
Then I talked to my mom.
Then I got sad.
Then I drove to work and got to school feeling sorry for myself.
But then all the kids told me I looked cute.
And then Mr. Sisk hugged me.
So, then I said to myself: "Papa would still want me to be happy."
Then I forgot about myself.
Then I got sad.
Then I realized how selfish I must be.
Then I remembered my well-being.
And so then I started to find things that would make me smile. Well, actually some things just started falling into place.

*(In chronological order for the most part)*:
One of my 9B basketball boys, who is super cool, who I've know for 3 years, and who teases me all the time because I guess I am one of those teachers of his with whom he can connect, tried to call me out on being racist (he was joking of course, and we both knew this).
I think that he was trying to get a rise out of me. He knew that I had been upset.
He said: "Can I get a high-five cuz I've done my homework lately?"
I was on the out, about to go to the copy machine to get some papers to give to them, so I looked at him, gave a smirk, and said: "Hmmmm, maybe later...", just to mess with him. He knew I was messing with him.
Anyway, he goes: "Why, is it cuz I'm half black?!"
It was hilarious. I'm just like: "Why do you have to bring up being black?! That's racist!!"
Then it was over, and he had made me laugh, and he laughed, and the whole class laughed, and I gave him a high five like 20 minutes later out-of-the-blue.
I had given my 9A Speech class an assignment: "Lord of the Flies Talk Show". They had to have select characters, a rubric, get in a group and act out an Oprah-esque talk show.
Well, I have this genius kid who worked on his own, and he made a green/split-screen video (that he showed to the class today) where he actually acted all of the different roles by himself.
It was clever and HILARIOUS. The kids thought it was so funny at how hard I laughed.
Then I got a text from a friend after I told him that my parents were driving home to AR: "Are you going to have a family pow wow when they get back?" It made me smile.
I should make feather headbands and bring kettle corn ;-) It'd make my mom smile ;-)
Then I got a text from another friend. I told her that randomly "What Sarah Said" came on my Pandora. She said: "Ow wow, that is almost too creepy. Like, 'Hey Papa DJ of Pandora in the next life, thanks for sending me a shout out.'" That made me smile. My Papa would do that.
Then I saw how pregnant Jen is lately, and it made me smile
Then I was "spacing" through my Google Readers, and I saw several things that I'm gonna share with you. 
Abstract quilt!!

It's a tree branch!!
Then I remembered a video that always makes me happy: 

My brother has a new puppy named Lance. I love it without ever having met it, and I get to meet it tomorrow and he told me that I can make it a crocheted collar!!!
I'm stoked. I will be crocheting that on the way down to the Bethel Cemetery near Castor, LA on Wednesday. He also told me it was okay if I "carried it around like it's my friggin' baby...toting it around and letting it lick me all day."
My brother loves me. I think this new Weimaraner puppy (which he got Sunday) will love me more than him ;-)

I have this sweet, sweet 6th grade student, who had given me this last week, and I found it again on my desk. She picked the right day to be EVEN sweeter, and she doesn't even know it ;-)
I also have another 6th grader who made a Lego watch! I promptly asked him to take it off so I could have my photo ;-)
I took a photo of my button brooch.

And this is me currently.
And this is me currently for the next few moments: 

I want to thank you all for keeping me and my family in your thoughts and prayers. 
I know it'd 'uh been hard without you-especially you and you and you. 
Merci mille fois,

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  1. I had to laugh when I saw my own picture pop up on your blog in the dashboard. Goodness, this baby is large--I'm glad we were one of the happy spots in your amazing day! Lots of prayers and thoughts for you, ma'am. Travel safely and take comfort in the extra time with your family.