Sunday, January 23, 2011

Waiting. Unfinished Business?

There was a lot of this going on today.
And a lot of this.

What is going on!!? LOOK UP! It doesn't have to look so dark!   

Yes, keep looking. It'll get lighter.

Riddle me this:
12 years on an oxygen mask. 12 years dependent. 
12 PM 1-22-2011 take off ventilator.
11 AM 1-23-2011 still breathing on his own. 
That's almost 24 hours.
No sense at all. 
There are some things in life that we will never understand until...
Such as: 
*What is he waiting on?
*How is he breathing?
*Why are we having to go through this?
*Does he want to go out with a bang? Stubborn as ever...?

You can't answer me this.
This is torture.


  1. Oh, my. Sounds like our anguish with Mary, Don's dear mother. It was so very hard. Helpless. Guilty for having to go on with daily life while she...wasn't. I am so sorry.

  2. Thanks Mrs. Meek! I appreciate it.
    It's been a rough January. Well, winter.

    Are ya'll doing better?

    How's the house coming in this cold lol!?